Band saw machine

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A band saw machine for woodworking is a power tool designed for cutting various types of wood in woodworking applications. Here’s a detailed description of its components and functionality:

  1. Frame and Base: The band saw typically consists of a sturdy frame and base that provide stability and support for the entire machine. The base often includes leveling feet to ensure proper alignment and balance.
  2. Table: Positioned above the base, the table is a flat surface upon which the wood is placed for cutting. It can usually be tilted to accommodate angled cuts, and some models feature extensions to support larger workpieces.
  3. Blade: The heart of the band saw is its continuous loop blade, which is a long, narrow band of toothed metal. These blades come in various widths and tooth configurations, allowing for versatility in cutting different types of wood and achieving different cutting results.
  4. Blade Guides and Bearings: Blade guides and bearings are adjustable components that support and guide the blade during operation, ensuring precise and consistent cuts. They help reduce blade deflection and ensure smooth cutting action.
  5. Blade Tensioning System: Band saws feature a mechanism for adjusting the tension of the blade. Proper tensioning is crucial for blade performance and longevity.
  6. Blade Tracking System: This system allows for the adjustment of the blade’s position on the wheels, ensuring that it tracks correctly and stays aligned during operation.
  7. Motor and Drive System: The motor powers the band saw and drives the blade. Band saw motors come in various sizes and power ratings to accommodate different cutting requirements.


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Power of model      : 3.0Kw

Wheel Speed         : 650r/min

Width of cut            : 310mm

Depth of cut           :  360mm

Wheel diameter      :  Ø600mm

Table Size    :   580x705mm 550x585mm

Overall Dimension  :  950x620x2280mm

Weight                     :  340KG

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¥8,868.00¥10,324.00 (-14%)

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